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Log // Kaoru & Toshiya: Talk with the Sailingmaster [G]

Kaoru goes to see Toshiya about making plans to go to Port Royale.

It wasn't as late as it could have been for Kaoru to go to the sailing master's quarters, but it was late. Smiling some, Kaoru gave a strong knock on the other's door before pushing it open and talking to him as though he was just picking up from where they had left off. "Port Royale is a fair distance from here but not too far. I want to set sail tomorrow."

Looking up, Toshiya gave a nod. "i'll find the fastest way there." He reached across his table to get a map.

"Good, good," he murmured, staying in the room as he looked around. "... We have a new cabin boy. You were out in town when I brought him back."

"ah, i see. " Toshiya smiled. "he pretty good?"

"Pretty good with what?" he asked.

"anything..work related..."

"He stole from me," he stated. "Then I whipped him and decided he was to be cabin boy. He can't move just yet," he stated, a small laugh leaving his lips. Yes, occasionally he could be sadistic.

Toshiya raised a brow at the man before going back to work. "interesting.." he commented, keeping his eyes on the map.

The captain looked down at the man who was reading the map, slight frown on his face before he decided the other didn't want to talk at the moment. "Well, I'll leave you be. Come to my quarters first thing in the morning so we can go over the course."

"alright." he looked up and smiled. "will do"

Kaoru nodded some, not feeling friendly anymore. "Goodnight." And left the sailing master's quarters.

Toshiya confirms the course to Port Royale.

The next morning, Toshiya made his way to the captain's quarters and knocked. Unsure if the captain was awake or not, he entered. "captain?"

He looked up from the chair he sat in, setting his book on his knee as he raised his finger to his lips to shush him since uruha was still sleeping. He stood up then, moving to set his book on the table before he walked close to him and ushered him out of his quarters. Once out, Kaoru pulled the door shut. "You charted out the course?"

Toshiya glanced at uruha before walking out of the other's quarters. "yes. Its all done." he nodded, holding up the map.

Taking the map, he skimmed over it, nodding some. "Looks good. We square?"

"should be." he smirked. "its pretty self explanatory."

Kaoru nodded some, and handed the map back. "Alright. I want to leave in a couple days after we get everything we need from here to make the trip."

"alright." Toshiya looked at the other. "anything else you need?" he questioned, raising a brow.

"No," he said simply, giving a light shrug of his shoulders.

"alright. I'll go back to my quarters. Come if you need anything."

Kaoru nodded some and went back into his room; still not sure if the boy would somehow gain enough energy to steal things and try to leave.
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