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Port Royale
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ince the beginning of mankind, there has always been some form of piracy. Yet in the year 1717, the King had had enough. Openly declaring war against pirates, the King then issued licences to arm, furnish, and equip certain vessels to capture any and all pirates. Once caught, should the pirates give up their villainous ways and become law-abiding citizens then the pirates who agreed to do so would be granted a pardon from the King and the government. Yet when a pirate was caught and refused to accept the conditions of a pardon, they were hung, beheaded, or left in iron gibbets to rot. Ah, just because a pirate could be caught and killed by the hands of the government didn’t mean that a pirate still free to roam the seven seas wasn’t safe from death.
any pirates died at each other’s hands. Some died at sea due to the fearsome kraken and sea sepents, while others died in preventable accidents. When pirates passed at sea, many didn’t remain in Pink Spider’s Locker, quite the contrary. Adding to the creatures of the deep, a very ‘live’ ghost ship sailed the waters, making it even harder to find men brave enough to chase after the pirates.
But they were found and the hunt began.


This is an alternate universe role playing community that uses asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) musicians as the characters. It's based in 1717, during the time when pirates flourished.
There are four main lands in this role play: Point of Morte; Cape Millay; Dorim Peak; Port Royale. Government officials, such as the king, are found at Point of Morte while the king's enemies are located in Cape Millay. Civilians are then found in Dorim Peak and in Port Royale, those associated with the government, pirates, and civilians all live in the rowdy Port Royale.

Pirate Customs and Articles ~*~ Pirate Glossary ~*~ Beasts of the Sea

Ship Information

Ship Styles
Ship Positions for Pirates
Ship Positions for Government Affiliations and Merchants

Civilian Occupations


I. No out of character drama. The only drama allowed is for the role play.
II. No god-moding. You cannot choose what happens to another person's character.
III. You must have a separate journal for this community. Joint journals are not allowed. If you do this, you will receive one warning.
IV. Update your journal at least once every two weeks. If your name is on the list of who needs to update more than three times, you will be removed.
V. Once a character is claimed, you are not permitted to play as that character. Deceased jrockers are NOT to be played. To go with this, original characters will NOT be accepted at this community.
VI. You cannot play as a character that is not yours (unless the person playing as that character gives you permission).
VII. Role plays will be posted in the communities.
VIII. This role play is "friends only" except for posts in the community and the 'friends only' image in your character's journal. All applications are to be posted in both your character's journal and the community. Role plays that are rated R and NC-17 are to be posted as friends only and labeled correctly.
IX. You must wait two weeks before joining as a second character. The limit on characters is two per person (this may change as the community develops.


Pirate/Government Affiliation/Merchant

To the Members of Port Royale

Once you are a member of Port Royale, please be sure to keep up with the things going on in the community. Make sure to stay updated with the things that are going on in the community(activities of other characters, etc.) to better your relationship with the other muns as well as staying informed.

Claimed Characters ~*~ Friend Addition ~*~ Reminisce


Please help support Port Royale by putting the banner up for it in your user info as well as randomly throwing it around in other communities you are in (so long as it's alright with the mod of that community). If you need help with it, do not be afraid to ask!

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