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Your Name: Jillian
Your Email: odd_little_bunny555@yahoo.com or oddlittlebunny@hotmail.com
Your Journal (opt.): oddlittlebunny
Character: Miyavi
Character's Band: Solo
Character's LJ Name: ayeaye_myv
Character Messengers (AIM, Yahoo, MSN): crazyluvmyv, oddlittlebunny@hotmail.com

Character Picture: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Character Age: 25

Pirate/Government Affiliation/Merchant: Pirate

Position: Mate

Character Location (Point of Morte, Cape Millay or Port Royale): Cape Millay

Sample Post (put in lj-cut): Miyavi sat on a bench, his longs legs stretched out in front of him and crossed at the ankles. He smiled as he watched the sun begin to set, grateful that there were wonderful places, like this, spread all over the town, to sit. He flicked his black hair out of his eyes and tugged the collar of his scant clothing up close to his neck, wishing he had money. He finally settled, his shoulders hunched up against the wind and just watched as the sun began to set.

He sighed as he contemplated heading back to the ship. Then he realized he had no ship. He sighed and pouted a little, thinking back to the ship he used be on. He was lucky he had gotten out alive. Miyavi sighed as resigned himself to having to go through all the trouble of having to find another ship. Damn.

Comments: Due to internet difficulties, my AIM is only available on the weekends. My MSN also screws up from time to time, but I try to be online as much as humanly possible. ^^ I have no life. Oh and please, please, please, let me know if I've done something strange, etc. I've never played on LJ before and never as a pirate. *blush blush*
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