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Kana//Koyasu -- Always Meeting at Lunch Time -- G

It had been a busy morning, and the customers seem especially demanding. Practically overcome with hunger, Kana tried to rush a quite obnoxious woman in her choice of fabric. 'No one thinks I know what I'm doing...I can't imagine why! I've been doing this for years. They better not think less of me because of my size...' she thought to herself as she tuned out the nasal voice of the customer. 'But once she's gone, I can eat lunch!' The very thought excited her, and after the woman finally made her decision, Kana escorted her to the door.

Koyasu had experienced a rather busy week, he actually having had a few customers as well which was something he normally didn't allow but there were just too many! He sighed, ruffling his hair as he approached the door to the tailor's shop only to stop right at it when he watched a woman be escorted to the door. He smiled and pulled it open, bowing and gesturing with his arm for the woman to continue on her way out. With her out of the way, he looked to Kana. "I came at a bad time?" he asked.

Kana laughed softly. "Let's just say that you have impeccable timing." She went to the door to change her sign to 'closed.' "I assume you're here to pick up your garments."

"That I am," he said, lips curved in a smile as he followed behind her. "I assume you're trying to head out to lunch?"

Kana turned and smiled at him. "Trying is the operative word." Once behind her desk, she removed a box from the shelf. "I hope that you are pleased with the outcome."

"I see..." He continued to follow her though stopped on the opposite side of the counter. "I am sure I will be pleased."

She quickly opened the box and held out the vest for him, but while she was doing so, her stomach growled loudly. Her cheeks turned pink and she apologized. "I'm sorry...I didn't realize I was so hungry."

"It's quite alright," he said, reaching over to take the vest and examine it. He brushed his fingers over the sides, looking over the fabric used. "Hmm."

"What do you think?"

"I like it," he said, touching the harder fabric just as he had requested around the waist; very much like a corset for his waist. "Everything else is finished as well?" he asked, brow raising as he looked over the counter to the young woman.

"Of course." She smiled softly and handed him the pants. "I am happy that everything is to your liking."

"Nn" The man nodded some, fingers trailing over the pants before he examined the leggings, quiet as he continued to nod more to himself than to the woman.

Kana waited as patiently as she could for a final response. That's what she loved about customers like him--they had high standards, and usually praised well if they were met. She could always use the free promotion.

Koyasu remained silent, touching the calves of the pants. "I would like an addition to these," he said. "I want something like the corset around the waist of the vest around the calves of these," he said.

"Ah, no problem. I think that would look quite nice actually." She quickly compared the vest and pants, putting the idea together in her mind. "You really do have an eye for fashion."

Full, kissable lips curved into a delicate smile. "Thank you, I do try to keep my eye open to new things," he stated, looking then to the other box to see the shirt. "And so far, you have been able to keep my eyes very much open."

"Thank you," Kana said, her cheeks turning pink once more. Flattery usually is the best policy. "I hope that this last piece pleases you as well as the others." She carefully held out the shirt for him to examine.

With his attention to the shirt, he touched over the stuff material used at the neck as he had wanted it to be used along with at the cuffs of his sleeves. It was beautiful, very beautiful. Reaching out, he was quiet, stroking his fingers over the lace ruffles at the front that would be visible through the vest. "This is very beautiful," he murmured.

His lips curved up into a more pleased smile, this smile reaching his eyes. "Ah, shall I try it on when you're finished with it completely?" he asked.

"If you would mind...I hardly get the chance to see my customers in their new clothing." A quiet laugh escaped her lips. "I don't associate with the same people as they do."

"Then I will gladly try them on for you," he said, nodding. "How long do you suppose the addition to the pants will take?" he questioned, leaning against the counter as he looked over the vest again, liking what he saw.

"Since I'm not very busy, I could have it done by tomorrow."

"Can you give me an estimation as to what my total cost will be then?" he asked. "I would like to pay for what you have done now and then pay for the addition tomorrow." He reached up, brushing one of his ear tails behind his ear.

"The final payment for today is $200. Don't worry about the addition, I will gladly do it for free. This was so much fun to work on...I can hardly explain it. So much different than the conservative things most people want."

Koyasu gave a small laugh, leaning on his elbows as he looked at her. "I can't possibly allow myself not to pay for the addition," he stated, resting his chin in the palm of of his hand. "Tomorrow, when I come back to pick up my outfit, will you allow me the pleasure of taking you out to dinner?"

Kana smile held a bit of a wicked twist. "Only if you let me do the addition for free. I would feel like I was robbing you otherwise."

The man's lips curved into a smirk at that point and nodded. "Then I will allow you to do the addition for free."

"It is a deal then," she laughed. "What time can I expect you?"

"Seven, if you're alright with late dinners," he said, continuing to keep his chin resting in his palm.

"Actually, that's perfect. It gives me enough time to close my shop and change."

He straightened himself up with that answer. "Then I shall be here at seven to pick you up for dinner and I'll change into my new outfit for you."

"I will look forward to tomorrow evening then." This time, she smiled softly. "But I really must show you to the door...I may be small, but do actually eat."

The man nodded some and backed up before turning to make his way to the door. "Do enjoy your," he said, smile on his lips. "I will be here exactly at seven to retrieve you for dinner."

Kana nodded and walked him to the door. "I will see you then."

"I appreciate your time," he said, bowing some as he faced her with his hand on the door.
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