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Your Name: Edgey
Your Email: edgey_berzerker at hotmail dot com
Your Journal (opt.): edgey_berzerker
Character: Kyo
Character's Band: Dir en grey
Character's LJ Name: kyo_pirate_yar
Character Messengers (AIM, Yahoo, MSN): SpookyTestament (aim), kyo_obscure (yahoo), email is the MSN :3

Character Picture: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Character Age: 20
Character Job: Farmer (but he really wants to be a pirate)
Character Location (Dorim Peak or Port Royale): Port Royale
Sample Post:
Kyo panted heavily as he glared at his enemy, he lifted the cold metal and lunged at them. "Ha! Gotcha this time!"
The Horse snorted at Kyo as he snapped back to reality, holding the pitch fork that was stabbed into the 'enemy': which in reality, was actually just a bail of hay. He grumbled and took it out, setting it down as the horse gave him another snort. "Oh you shut up! You'll see, I'll be a great pirate." He bent over for a second, to pick up the bucket that contained the horse's food only to get a slight kick in the rear, causing him to fall forward, head first in a pile of hay.
As the horse's mocking whinnies were heard through out the barn, Kyo sat up and glared at it. "oh shut up!" He got up and dumped the food in the horse's food troff and stomped out of the barn. He looked at the run down shack and then the run down barn and sighed. This place as become more of a burdon then a blessing ever since his parents passed away.
His only human contact he really had is when he goes into the village to get the food or supplies for the farm. Other then that, his only 'friend' would be the stubborn horse in the barn named Storm. "Ugh..." He slumped over the fence and grinned, "But when I become a pirate I won't have to worry about this stupid place or that stupid horse!" He yelled out to the barn, "YOU HEAR ME STORM! When I become a pirate I can just sell your sorry ass on the market!"
All Kyo managed to do, however, was startle a couple of the chickens.

Comments: Kyo desperately wants to become a pirate, however he really doesn't know the first thing on sword fighting or pirating for that matter. :p

Sorry for taking so long Saku ^^; I'm was still waiting for my stupid validation email from livejournal! >_>
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