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Kamijo Application

Your Name: Haruka
Your Email: crimson_aces@hotmail.com
Your Journal (opt.): __scarxlet
Character: Kamijo
Character's Band: Lareine, New Sodmy
Character's LJ Name: tale_for_two
Character Messengers (AIM, Yahoo, MSN): (aim) xgigaflare (msn) crimson_aces@hotmail.com
Character Picture:
Character Age: 22
Character Job: Whore
Character Location (Dorim Peak or Port Royale): Port Royale

There are few things more beautiful in this world than the ocean’s crystal blue, or as refreshing as the salt drenched air. Tranquility knows no other name as well as the calming seas of lullabies and it inspires assiduous cogitation in the center of sweat and hard labor. Nor will freedom taste as divine as it does on the boats that are the only passport to and through the intense maze of emotions and senses of the seas. A chance upon the boats of liberty equals the chance of being able to do anything without the limits set by the government. However, all this play in the hands of death and freedom causes one to eventually long for something, the only thing a ship cannot offer.
This is where Kamijo makes his living. He gave up his freedom to service the desires of someone who still can live for them.
Notorious for his beauty and mild manner, he is ideal for any lone soul looking for a few memorable moments and a chance to experience the carnality they are deprived from. Whether it be female or male, Kamijo has to preference and his gender has never been an issue either, as he is often mistaken for a female because of his long golden hair, heart-shape face and soft features. Though he is also undoubtedly male. Perhaps what is even more striking about him is the fact that he appears to be half some type of Oriental and half unknown, though commonly believed to be European due to his unusual ice blue eyes and golden curls.
His clientele is almost endless, as he has no preference to what any of them to do, as long as they pay him and don’t cross the lines set by the brothel. After all, prurience is nothing more than a false pretense Kamijo could do without, but it makes for a damn good living.

Comments: I hope Kamijo being a wench isn’t offensive…haha x.x I used “Oriental” because I figure they wouldn’t have used the term “Asian” to refer to the Orients
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