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Log // Kana & Koyasu [PG-13]

Koyasu stops at Kana's shop right before she can close her shop for lunch. He orders trousers, a vest, and a shirt and then makes an appointment for Ryu to come in for fitting for a new kimono. Hmm... Seems like Koyasu is up to something.

So far, it had been an average day. She had taken quite a few measurements, done a fitting or two, and was getting ready to close her shop for lunch. Kana hummed softly to herself as she walked to the door, about to hang her 'closed for lunch' sign.

Koyasu stood at the door, having watched the young woman for a few moments before he pushed the door open while the woman held the sign in her hands, clearly about to hang it up. He gave her a small smile and a slight bow of his head while his arm swept across his chest. "Ah, good day, my lady. I am not interrupting you from anything, am I?" he asked, head taking a slight tilt to it.

Kana thought to herself for a moment, and decided that possibility of extra money sounded better than a nice lunch. "No, not at all, sir," she responded, putting the sign behind her back. "How can I help you?"

He blinked, confused by what she said for a moment before he smiled some. "You may help me by taking some measurements."

"Please follow me." Kana led him past the shelves of fabric and notions to a corner of the shop that was home to a mirror and stool. "What are you interested in having made?" she inquired as she pulled her measuring tape from an apron pocket.

"I have come to the conclusion that I am in the market for a vest, new shirt and of course, new pants. I already have a suit jacket for the outfit that I want made," he stated while following her.

"I need you to hold out your arms, like this," she demonstrated. "I will need you to bring the suit jacket by so I can make sure that the styles and colors will match."

Koyasu stretched his arms out, holding them straight due to all the times he went to get his body measured for new clothing. He watched her, blinking. "Why, madame, I would not come unprepared for such a thing. The jacket I am wearing at this moment is the one I speak of." He rolled his shoulders back slightly, the fine dark blue threads mixed with the black making the suit jacket look even darker than it was.

Kana smiled, spoke as she measured. "It is a very fine jacket, and I believe I have the perfect fabric for you. Did you have a style in mind for your shirt and vest?"

"A high topped vest with a deep 'V', wide at the base and the tip ending here," he said, bending his arm at the elbow for his fingers to touch bottom of his ribcage. "I want the upper portion to be slightly loose, but not too loose and the fabric to be stiff while what covers my abdomen should be able to be tightened, like a corset if you will." He paused, thinking over what he had wanted for his shirt and giving the young woman time to take in the measurements as well as what he had said.

She nodded as she quickly took notes. This new customer amused her--he knew exactly what he wanted, and sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Kana was going to like this project, since it seemed to be both elegant and flashy at the same time. "You have very interesting taste sir...and I don't mean it as a bad thing."

Koyasu smiled, taking every word she said as the compliment it was. "Thank you, madame. In my business, it's always good to know what you want otherwise you end up fumbling around and making a fool of yourself." He turned to his side, offering her the side measurements and to make it easier for her to get the measurements of his torso. "The shirt must be a blue-blue color with... stiff, lace ruffles that are to fill up the entire space of the empty 'V' of the vest though I believe I want some gold entwined along the edges of each ruffle. The sleeves then will open up at the wrist and be at least four inches in length with the same lace though it mustn't be as stiff."

Once again, she took her measurements and notes quickly. Her hand was beginning to cramp. "And your trousers?" Kana asked as she moved to measure his legs.

"Same as my suit jacket," he said. "Those should be the most simple." He paused, head tilting up to stare at the ceiling before his head tilted to the side. "Did I state what color I wanted for my vest?" he asked, not remembering.

Having finished her measurements, Kana righted herself. "No, I don't believe you did...what color do you want?"

"That is a good question," he said, hand raising up to idly press his fingers against his chin. "I think I want the vest a mix of dark blue and the blue-blue of my shirt. Perhaps black as well." His head turned and he looked to him. "I expect a breast pocket as well in this, left breast and a pocket on the inside over the right breast."

"Why don't you take a look at the fabrics. If I don't have the particular type in stock, I could always order it for you." She led him over to the fabric area. Ceiling-high shelves covered an entire wall of the store, and there was not an empty space to be found. Every color and fabric type was here, and each section of the shelves was organized. "Is this what you want for your shirt?" Kana pointed out a bolt of a blue that was not to feminine nor masculine, and slightly resembled the sky at dusk.

Koyasu looked over the fabric, reaching out to touch it and smiled. "Yes. This is perfect for the shirt."

Kana noted the fabric next the information regarding the shirt. "And for the vest...do you see anything that catches your eye?"

With that question, he took to walking around the large rolls of fabric, quiet as he reached out every now and then to touch some before he came to a halt at a royal blue that looked similar to his suit jacket. "This for my vest," he said. "Though I'd want it darker."

"Ah!" she exlaimed. "Beautiful fabric, but let me check my catalogue...I believe I can get it in a shade darker." Kana quickly retreated to the counter and pulled out a rather large book and sifted through the pages. "Here sir, it is called 'Midnight Blue' Is this more of what you had in mind?"

Within seconds of her leaving him, he was soon on her trail and stood to where he was leaning over her some, soon touching at the fabric color. "This?" He reclined then, thinking over what he had in his head. "Yes... yes, that should do quite nicely." With that decided, he slipped his suit jacket off and put it over her small shoulders. The fabric was warm from his body but still had an air of being cool as it rounded down over her shoulders due to how wide his shoulders were as opposed to hers. "You will undoubtedly need this, madame. Is there anything else you need from me? A down payment for your work?" he asked, reaching without thinking about it to the inner breast pocket, his hand just brushing ever so lightly over her left breast before he pulled out what he had in there; a simple check book, small golden golden pen, a wad of money with a coin purse, and a beautiful pocket watch.

"Oh...um..." His actions distracted, as did the heavy coat that was now on her shoulders. She reached to take it off while speaking. "I will need a moment to figure out the down payment. It is usually 10% of the final cost."

"Take your time," he said, moving around her as he set his things down on the counter, soon placing them strategically in the pockets of the vest and pants he wore. He paused in his motions and looked to her. "Do you take appointments for fittings?" he asked. "Aside from walk-ins."

Kana looked up from her calculations. "Yes, I do. Would you like to schedule one?"

"For one of my employees," he finished. "He is in need a new kimono and I will more than likely bring in the kimono that needs to be fixed."

She checked her appointment log. "Ah, I'm fairly busy this week, but I have an opening the first of next week, in the morning. Would that be okay?" While she was waiting for a response, she finished up her calculations and figured out the down payment--$50.

"That time will be fine," he said, nodding some as he pulled out his pouch of money, pulling out sixty dollars. "The extra ten is for taking on such a load. Do you know when it will be finished?"

"Oh, thank you very much sir." Her face lit up at the extra 10 dollars. "I can finish the pants and shirt first by your appointment on Monday, since it's almost a week away. It will take a few a few days for the fabric to arrive, but once it does, I can have the vest done next day. I say two weeks total, at the most."

The man nodded some, whispy ear tails falling before he tucked one behind his ear. "Thank you very much. I appreciate the outfit being finished so quickly."

"You're very welcome. I will do my best with your order, and I am sure I will see you on Monday." Kana smiled softly at the interesting customer. "I will look forward to meeting your employee."

Koyasu nodded some, returning her smile as he started toward the door. "I hope you have good days." And with that, he was out the door and making his way down the street to continue with his shopping.
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