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Claim // Ryu // Civilian

Your Name: Fulya~
Your Email: eraille@yahoo.com
Your Journal (opt.): namida_no_uta
Character: Ryu
Character's Band: LARA ♥
Character's LJ Name: umi_de_ai
Character Messengers (AIM, Yahoo, MSN): aim= "ryu chan x3"

Character Picture:

Character Age: 19
Character Job: Whore (in a brothel) //it still sounds so harsh XD//
Character Location (Dorim Peak or Port Royale): Port Royale :3
Sample Post (put in lj-cut):

Maybe it was fate, if you believed in it, that is... Not many males (let alone people), choosed to work in a brothel, but that was Ryu for you. The young boy opened his eyes slightly to a new day, the rays of the new-born-sun leaking through his lightly parted curtains. The silent room had an echo of his voice soon, the slim body sitting up with a slight wince.

The young body was already used to the abuse, having several wounds here and there which was taken care of every day. He didn't feel anything anymore... At the beginning the realization was pretty harsh- the moment his 'customer' left, he felt used- which was what he got paid for, but still it felt bad... He didn't care anymore. Bodies meeting without any feeling, it was all about them finding a hole to use and not have any boundaries... Well, the money was pretty good and enough to make him live his life- so he didn't have any complaints anymore...

Standing up, he yawned, stretching his firm body, every line of muscle lightly showing on his feminine curves. He didn't bother getting dressed to sleep as he took steps outside into the silent brothel, (well, not so very much he corrected himself as he heard a low moan coming from downstairs), walking to the bathroom....

"This early.." He muttered to himself, and held back a laugh... Some men were so horny, that he remembered having to wake up at 5 am just to please his customers.Stepping inside the shower, he walked past the mirror, looking at the other way, getting into the shower directly.

Seriously, he had no problems at all- and very happy the way everything is...

He just couldn't bare to see his reflection from a mirror...

Actually...He just couldn't stand himself..

Comments: (Example: Kana is not attracted to women)
Ryu is gay..Most definitely..In case you didn't noticed...haha XD~... And he's actually cute! ^___^//.... mm :3.
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