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Your Name: Luca.
Your Email: ameheartily@gmail.com
Your Journal: tamerau
Character: TERU
Character's Band: Aikaryu
Character's LJ Name: aiayeai
Character Messengers (AIM, Yahoo, MSN): ROCKSTAR no USO, i_dollx, beautyxandstupid@hotmail.com

Character Picture:
Character Age: 21.
Pirate/Government Affiliation/Merchant: Pirate/
Position: Captain.
Character Location: Cape Millay for now.
Sample Post: Smiling softly to himself, his pale, feminine face had a merry look to it. Blonde locks flowing with the breeze, as the small captain relaxed against the rims of the ship. Humming a soft melody to himself, he soon turned around, an elegant cape whisping around him. "Alright, me hearties, heave away!" TERU called out before beginning to hum again, making his way to the rudder. Even though TERU looked to be about 14 at most, and quite feminine, people were often surprised when they found out who he was. Captain TERU. He wasn't all that famous, but when telling about being a 'pirate,' that was shock enough for the old folks these days. At least, there was a good point to it, and that he didn't intimdate anyone or cause suspicion, so he could wander as he felt like it. Even though he was a pirate, he cared for a lot of people. Even so, he did care for gold just as much.
Comments: Picturing TERU as a captian is just too cute. Uhm, anyways, Fulya sent me here, so here I am. xD This sounds quite fun.
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